About Tatemae
A service, based in London, that turns your ideas into reality by providing delivery or booking and fulfilling any custom request you might have.
Scope of Work

This is an end-to-end project where I was involved in all the stages of the product's lifecycle from sketching, wireframing, branding, UI design, working with development and digital marketing. 


Worked with the client to define the target audience and did user research to explore and validate the idea.


Created a niche branding based on the research with brand deliverables such as logo, stylescapes, icons, illustrations etc.

UI Design

Sketched out the user flow, created multiple wireframes and did the visual design. 

Working with Developers

Used interactive prototype and Zeplin tool to share and communicate UI specifications to the developers.


Applied user-centered design throughout the design process and validating concepts much early in product cycle. I created a landing page before the development started and ran some advertising campaign to measure the conversion. This helped us to validate the idea and gave the client confidence in proceeding with the project. 

Wireframe and Prototype

Figma file of one of the initial high level wireframe with initial user flow and prototype.

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